Dear young participating scientists of ZOMES XI,
the Organizing Committee and the founders of ZOMES, Dr. Michael Glickman and Dr. Danny Chamovitz created twenty quiz questions on ZOMES complexes for you. It is not your entrance to the conference but might help to understand the essence and the history of the conference. Three winners will be selected from all correct submissions. The winners will be announced on the ZOMES XI conference.



Fill in all given fields below and click "submit" to take part in the quiz. The deadline for entries is July 31, 2022 !


Where was the first ZOMES meeting?
Who were the organizers of the first ZOMES meeting?
What was the main headline of ZOMES III?  
Which ZOMES took place in Rome?  
What are the continents where past ZOMES meetings have taken place?  
In how many different countries have we held ZOMES conferences so far?  
Who attended every single ZOMES meeting?  
Which Nobel prize laureates participated in ZOMES meetings so far?  
Which are the three original ZOME complexes?  
In which publication did we agree on the name COP9 signalosome (CSN)?  
How many subunits are in the CSN?  
Which ZOME complexe is the most conserved between species?  
Which ZOME complex is the least conserved (yeast - mammals)?  
Name all the PCI domain subunits of the proteasome.  
Name all the MPN domain subunits of the elf3 ribosome associated factor.  
Name a MPN domain protein that is not a member of a ZOME complex.  
What is the function of NEDD8?  
Is there an exchange of PCI domain complexes?  
Are there variants of PCI domain complexes?  
Are there common functions of all three ZOMES complexes?  

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